Chelsea’s says THANK-YOU to the Jazz Cats , who got together and played this song
for Christmas on the request of Chelsea’s Choice.

We’re Happy they had so much Fun…….MUSIC is Key to a Great Quality of Life.

Happy Holidays to Everyone !!!

As part of our valued commitment to our Soul Community this section of our website is wholly dedicated to a valuable group of Young Professionals and entrepreneurs of The Bahamas committed to adding to the value of our society.


This month we are delighted to honour an incredible organisation: The Bahamas Jazz Project, founded by John Adrian D’Aguilar, Jr. This one-of-a-kind organisation was established in 2003 with the purpose of identifying and nurturing promising musical talent among the youth in the Bahamas. Mr. D’Aguilar has worked closely with young students, nurturing their natural ability for music. This is a true example of an inspiring passion project—under Adrian’s nurturing, these young musical prodigies founded their own band called The Jazz Cats.

In addition, the Bahamas Jazz Project has provided educational and professional opportunities to enable the youth to become skilled musicians. At the moment the group consists of six young musicians who are soaring to new heights and performing at an international level. The journey that Mr. D’Aguilar has undertaken is nothing short of a true testament of love. The dedication, love, and knowledge Mr. D’Aguilar has bestowed upon his kids is simply amazing and a true inspiration.

Please meet some of the below students under Adrian’s tutelage!

Giveton Gelin – 19 years old

Giveton started Julliard in the fall of 2017 and has successfully completed his first year. He has had the opportunity to meet and play with some of the best Jazz musicians of our times: Wynton Marsalis, Barry Harris, Roy Hargrove, Eddie Henderson, and Grammy Award winner, Nicholas Payto. Earlier this year Giveton appeared in the video for hit song “Havana,” written and performed by Camilla Cabello.

Giveson Gelin – 16 years old

For the past three years, Giveson has won the E. Clement Bethel Drum Award in the high school music competitions. In June, he traveled to The Berklee College of Music in Boston, the reward for receiving first place in the Bahamas Music Project.

Givedy Gelin –12 years old

Givedy is a vibrant, talented little girl and is well-liked by her peers and teachers. She has joined several organizations on campus, and enjoys participation in the school’s dramatic productions. She is making progress on the tenor saxophone, and has even formed her own singing group with friend Hannah, called the Jazz Kitties.

Donatello Osne –17 years old

Donatello Osne, a young trumpeter, and a beautiful 17 year-old young man is following in the footsteps of his friend, and mentor Giveton. He joined the Jazz Cats last year. He’s an exceptionally well mannered and hardworking young man, with an extremely bright future in music.

Eric Boxerman –17 years old

Well beyond his years musically, Eric has matured into a fine young man, and is among the best jazz pianists in the country. In 2014, Eric won The E. Clement Bethel solo piano award for ages 9-12, and again in 2015 for ages 13-15. His growth in harmony, and his improvisational skills are remarkable for a musician of his age.

Caltrezio Ingraham – 19 years old

A talented trumpeter, Caltrezio is extremely motivated and excited to put in the work on his trumpet so he can realise his dreams! Some of his aspirations include becoming an accomplished jazz musicians band leaders, arranger and educator. With hard work he will get there.

Daniel D’Aguilar – 14 years old

Daniel took violin lessons for three years at the BMA, and before that with Mr. Martin Goldman of Florida. He made great progress playing the violin, but later gravitated toward the alto and tenor saxophones, and has found his voice through the saxophone. It is certain that Daniel has a very bright future ahead of him.

Please take a moment to watch this video showcasing Giveton’s role in Camilla Cabellos Video “Havana”.
You can check him out at around the 2:20 mark!


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